Ralph Stanley Elrod, the man accused of shooting and killing two Peach County deputies, is still in the hospital listed in stable condition, according to Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese.

Deese says despite the case being emotionally charged, it is important that the accused is afforded all of their constitutional rights.

Legally, when someone is arrested without a warrant, the law says they must go before a judge within 48 hours. When someone is arrested with a warrant, that bumps up to 72 hours.

“When you take his freedom from him, he’s considered to be under arrest …he was arrested Sunday afternoon, the day of the shooting – pre warrant,” said Deese.

After speaking to the Judge and District Attorney, Deese says they needed to move forward with a first appearance within the 48 hours. Deese says Superior Court Judge Howard Simms went to the hospital to ensure Elrod had his first appearance.

Elrod’s rights were explained to him and he was denied bond due to the charges.

No photos of Elrod will be available until he is released from the hospital, and booked into the jail.

Deese says Bibb County Sheriff David Davis offered to house Elrod in their jail once he is released.

Deese also says a law enforcement officer must be outside of Elrod's hospital room 24/7 since he is in custody. A Bibb County Sheriff's Deputy is assisting with that.