ATLANTA -- When you threaten a parody page, expect a pie in the face. Or, at least a verbal pie.

When the City of Atlanta demanded the satirical comedian stop using their trademarked City Seal on his Facebook page called "City of Atlanta", he agreed... for a price.

Ben Palmer sent the following statement to 11Alive:

I read the news that the city of Atlanta would like me to discontinue using their logo. I will remove the logo from the page and discontinue posting as "City of Atlanta" in exchange for the following:

  • All of my parking and traffic tickets are absolved
  • $60 cash
  • 2 free rides on the trolley

This is my final offer. Thank you.

Palmer started the fake City of Atlanta Facebook page when he became frustrated with numerous parking tickets, run-ins with city officials, and a lack of funds.

The page uses an official city seal Palmer admits he copied from the city's Parks and Recs page. The city of Atlanta was not amused by the copyright infringement.

"The First Amendment allows people to express their opinions concerning their government in many ways, including satire. However, no person has the right to use a trademark in a manner that deceives or confuses the public," a city spokesperson said in a statement to 11Alive.


By Thursday afternoon, the site was still active, but had modified the city's seal. It added a monocle to the Phoenix, which is now rising from a burning city of Atlanta. Take a look:

His newest post suggested he has no plans to back down:

"If you make a satirical Facebook page mocking the city of Atlanta, you will be charged with a serious crime that is punishable up to 3-5 years in prison or be force to ride the trolley."

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