Officers tased and arrested a man who was found rolled up in a piece of carpet. Edwin Jerome Osborne, 23, led officers on a lengthy foot chase in a Henry Co. neighborhood.

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, officers responded to a suspicious person complaint in the Heron Bay Subdivision. The complainant said she suspected Osborne was sleeping near the tennis courts and later saw him entering the woods.

Officers followed the suspect and found him laying inside of a rolled up piece of carpet. When Osborne was asked what he was doing, he responded with "just chilling."

Osborne had a backpack that officers asked him to place on the ground and to keep his hands where they could see them. He placed the backpack on the ground without taking his hand off, causing officers to attempt grabbing it from him. The officer then proceeded to grab for Osborne's wrist but he pulled away and started to run towards a nearby creek.

He ran into the creek and officers pursued him. One of the officers pulled out his taser and verbally commanded Osborne to stop running. Osborne continued to run and the officer deployed his taser. The taser hit the suspect and he fell forward but quickly got back up and proceeded to run.

One of the officers finally caught up to Osborne and tussled with him for a bit but Osborne was able to escape and hopped a fence as officers tried deploying their tasers a second time with no success.

Osborne started to make his way through backyards but one of the officers made contact with him at 1533 Grandby Ln. and arrested him.

Officers seized his backpack and found what appeared to be marijuana contained in a Christmas tin can and a digital scale. Osborne was charged with felony obstruction of police officer, misdemeanor obstruction of police officer and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

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