ATLANTA, Ga -- The Atlanta Muslim Community has organized a city-wide #VisitAMosqueATL day on Saturday, March 11, where area mosques will open their doors to the general public.

Although most mosques are always open to the public, this is a chance for individuals and groups to participate in a casual setting with Muslims from their neighborhoods.

Any mosques with the capacity and experience to hold an open houses are invited to join the effort. These are independent efforts by each mosque, and each will be responsible for how well they run their open house.

The open houses run from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Organizers said the goal is to strengthen communication and understanding across communities and allow people of different faiths to get to know one another on a more personal level.

"Georgia's Muslim community is moving full steam ahead with 'Visit a Mosque Day,' as planned," said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR-Georgia. "Although each mosque should take additional security precautions, we cannot allow anonymous bigots to prevent us from building bridges of understanding with our neighbors."

"Although most mosques are always open to the public, 'Visit a Mosque Day' offers all Georgians a chance to meet and greet their Muslims neighbors in a casual setting," said Rosemin Omar, one of the event organizers. "Given the surge in hate speech and hate crimes across our nation, 'Visit a Mosque Day' is all the more important. We hope that events like this will help foster a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood across our communities."

Below is a partial list of the metro Atlanta mosques that are participating. This is not a final list:

  • Gwinnett Islamic Circle
  • Roswell Community Masjid
  • Henry County Islamic Center
  • East Cobb Islamic Center
  • Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta
  • Islamic Community Center of Atlanta
  • Madina Institute U.S.A
  • Hamzah Islamic Center
  • Allatoona Masjid and Community Center
  • Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam
  • Islamic Center of North Fulton
  • Islamic Center Duluth
  • Islamic Center of Macon
  • Islamic Center of Middle Georgia
  • Masjid Umar bin Abdul Aziz
  • Masjid Suffah of Kennesaw
  • Islamic Center of Savannah
  • Masjid Al-Rahman
  • Masjid Uthman
  • Masjid Al-Quba
  • Masjid Al Momineen
  • Dar E Abbas
  • Zainabia Islamic center of Atlanta

For more information visit this website.