COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- It's been more than three weeks since a Cobb County father was charged in the heat-related death of his toddler.


Ross Harris remains locked up in the Cobb County jail without bond while investigators continue to look for evidence he deliberately left his son Cooper in the backseat of his car for 7 hours.

The tragic death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris and the arrest of his father Ross has captivated, horrified and mystified us.

Police must now complete their investigation and turn all of the evidence over to the district attorney's office. They are looking for evidence that cooper's death was premeditated or planned.

Step number two: the district attorney's office will launch an independent review of the evidence gathered by police. As part of that process, they will evaluate the strength of the case against Ross Harris.

The third step: the district attorney will present evidence to a grand jury and decide which charges they plan to pursue against Harris. The office has 90 days to indict the case before Harris is guaranteed bond by law. Monday marked day 26.

This case continues to have an impact across the country. The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association is partnering with child safety advocates to pressure the White House and the US Department of Transportation to require car makers to install devices that would detect a child left unattended in a car. They've launched a petition drive on