Parents and investigators want to know who tampered with the candy that sent eight children to the hospital, Friday.

Someone apparently brought the tainted treats to Austin Road Middle School in Stockbridge.

The eight chidlren who were sick have since been released from Piedmont Henry Hospital. All of them ate the same candy from the same bag - brought to school from home by someone - around 1 p.m.

Suddenly, officials at the Stockbridge area school were calling 911. The children were sick - but not to their stomachs as if they'd eaten too much.

This was different.

"They knew something wasn't right after ingesting the candy," Henry County School System spokesperson J.D. Hardin said. "Some of them had some anxiety, feelings of anxiety, I believe."

They also experienced higher heart rates and blood pressure. Ambulances took the children to Piedmont Henry's emergency room where they were stabilized - releasing them after a few hours.

Tracey Isom, who has a child at Austin Road Middle School, didn't want to speculate but does say parents and the school have been concerned about some students - and drugs.

"These children know better," Isom said. "What they are doing is not acceptable and I'm sure that their parents are not going to be happy."

School resource officers with the Henry County Sheriff's Office confiscated the remaining candy to analyze it.

"Obviously, whoever's responsible for this, we're going to get to the bottom of it," Hardin said.

He added that the students who got sick were initially telling different stories about what happened but the child or adult who tampered with the candy will likely face charges.

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