MILTON, Ga. -- A bizarre 911 call is shedding new light on the story of an Atlanta-area prostitute accused of manslaughter. Milton Police released the calls Alix Tichelman made in September of 2013 to report her boyfriend had overdosed.

"He won't respond. And he's just lying on the ground," Tichelman says.

The dispatcher responds by asking, "Are you with the patient now?"

Tichelman then hangs up. The dispatcher immediately calls back and Tichelman tells her she's sure her boyfriend, Dean Riopelle overdosed. She tells the dispatcher Riopelle took painkillers and had been drinking heavily.

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Once again, she hangs up and now she doesn't pick up her phone. The 911 dispatcher calls back twice and each time the call goes to voicemail.

Tichelman told Milton Police that Riopelle had been on a bender, drinking heavily and taking prescription pills.

"At the time we had no reason to believe it was anything other than an accidental overdose and that's actually how it was ruled," said Captain Shawn McCarty.

Two months after her boyfriend died, Tichelman allegedly injected Google executive Forest Tim Hayes with heroin on his yacht in California. She's accused of standing by and watching him overdose.

Riopelle also had heroin in his system, which is why Milton Police are now re-evaluating his death.

One of Riopelle's friends, speaking with KRON 4 in San Francisco, says Riopelle was never a drug user.

"I'm a pot smoker and he would always get on me about smoking pot, it's not good for you, he was really health conscious and Dean, doing heroin? No freakin' way," said Allen Vine who was in a band with Riopelle.

According to Riopelle's sister, Tichelman and Riopelle had been dating for two and half years. Just 11 days before Riopelle died, Tichelman was charged with battery for biting his hand and tearing off part of his skin. She's still in jail in California.