ATLANTA -- A cutting edge career test is now available to all public high schools in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Education (GDOE) and the Technical College System of Georgia have entered into a new partnership with YouScience to offer it at no cost to the schools or students. The Georgia Department of Education voted in favor of the partnership and funding Thursday.

YouScience works like a brain game. Students take the test on the computer and it tells them what they’re naturally good at and pairs it with their interests to help find a career.

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The test is not required, but it will be paid for if the schools request it. The creators of YouScience encourage schools to ask because they say this is an opportunity to grow Georgia’s workforce and help kids that may struggling to figure out their future.

The state just completed a YouScience pilot program with more than 11,400 high school students. It discovered the test was highly impactful in helping females, minorities and people of low socioeconomic status improve their outcomes and careers.

It also showed Georgia has a big talent pool of students who could do well in STEM-related careers. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The state’s workforce has a hard time finding qualified applicants, and the creators behind YouScience say it’s because standard interest tests are steering kids away from those fields.

“The YouScience results in the Georgia pilot showed that, while there may be a skills gap for certain key industries, there is not a talent gap. The students of Georgia have the natural abilities to satisfy the economic demands of Georgia’s growing economy," YouScience CEO Philip Hardin said.

"In fact, the pilot found almost two times more students have the aptitude for careers in computer technology, and nine times more young women have the aptitude or natural ability for architecture and engineering careers than identified using traditional interest surveys. There is tremendous talent pool in Georgia, and YouScience can help uncover and leverage that talent.”

When students take the test, they’ll get a wealth of information. Hardin says every student gets 20-25 “high-fit careers,” a list of “strong-fit careers,” and 75 “good-fit careers.”