ATLANTA -- A motorcyclist who was sent hurtling through the air after a section of I-20 suddenly buckled is still recovering in a hospital.

Kwame Howard remains in Grady Hospital with his family by his side after Monday’s freak accident. 11Alive's Duffie Dixon was at the hospital, where only immediate family, including his wife Chellis, is being allowed due to the severity of his injuries.

Howard, who also goes by the nickname Smooth, is a husband, father and an experienced rider, said to be a member of the Reapers motorcycle club.

Monday, Howard was riding on I-20 westbound near Gresham Road when the asphalt was suddenly forced upward by air pressure as a contractor for Atlanta Gas Light was filling an old pipe with concrete. He was transported to Grady in critical condition.

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Witnesses told 11Alive they watched him and bike get thrown through the air and skid to a stop 200 feet away.

All lanes of the Interstate were shut down Monday, and lanes were partially closed until early Tuesday morning while crews worked to smooth over the roadway. The damage to Howard's body, however, will take far longer to heal.