ROSWELL, Ga. -- A Roswell woman claims an accused killer stalked her family for years before he was accused of killing two high school students.

Jeffrey Hazelwood is charged in the deaths of Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. The 17-year-olds were found dead behind a Roswell Publix on August 1. Investigators said they had each been shot once in the head.

A Roswell resident who lived across the street from Hazelwood for 10 years said his strange behavior as a child became terrifying in his teen years.

“He would just sit by the window and the minute we would walk out the door he would be there, generally with some sort of a weapon, aiming it or swinging it around,” she said. “He shot BBs into our windows -- particularly targeting my older daughter's bedroom window.”

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“He would stalk us at the school bus,” she continued. “I had two daughters that he would stalk in first and fifth grade, and he would follow us through the neighborhood.”

The neighbor said 2012 -- when Hazelwood was around 15 -- was the worst.

“Things really deteriorated,” she said. “He broke into our house while we were in it and my husband was out of town. I went and talked to the grandparents and reached out to them rather than call the police immediately and I regret that now I should not have waited until subsequent events to call the police.”

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Hazelwood apologized for the break-in, she said, but continued to threaten her family despite numerous complaints to his grandparents.

“It was multiple times, multiple conversations with them, by phone and in person and they didn't do anything,” she said.

Police issued a “no trespass” order keeping him off their property, but her family eventually moved. She believes Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and said her heart goes out both families.

“I can't even imagine,” she said. “It was hell living across from him but I just can't even imagine what they're going through.”

Hazelwood's defense attorneys say he is severely mentally ill. The case is expected to go before a grand jury sometime in the next two weeks.

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