ATLANTA -- The Atlanta City Council approved on Monday new animal control measures to regulate dangerous or vicious dogs within the city.

“The ordinance ensures we are in compliance with more-stringent state laws as it pertains to vicious and dangerous dogs,” said city councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms, the legislation’s sponsor.

According to the city council, the provisions provide public safety and administrative procedures for the identification of dangerous and vicious dogs; requires registration for the possession of certain dogs; requires certain safety and indemnity measures as a condition of owning a dog classified as vicious or dangerous; provides for euthanasia of dogs in certain instances; and provides for tougher criminal offenses and punishment.

Anyone who violates the provisions could face a $500 fine for a second conviction, and $750 fine for a third or subsequent conviction.

“While this change in the law is likely to have little solace to the victims and their families, it is my hope that our update of our laws will help prevent an attack within our communities from happening again,” Bottoms said.