ATLANTA -- New video is surfacing on Thursday that shows a Georgia leader's top staffer going off on a profanity tirade at the GOP victory party in Atlanta.

The video was posted to the "All on Georgia" website and shows Spiro Amburn, who is the chief of staff for Ga. House Speaker David Ralston, going off on the political director for the Georgia Republican Party.

It apparently came after Speaker Ralston wasn't asked to stand on the stage as Senator Johnny Isakson gave his victory speech.

Amburn can be heard in the video asking "What the [expletive] is going on" and "Have you lost your [expletive] is going on.

Tonight, Ralston's office is calling this a secretly recorded video that's being used to tell a one-sided version of the story.

Amburn released the following statement:

"I was frustrated with certain members of the state GOP staff for failing to facilitate the Speaker of the House in the victory program for his friend Senator Johnny Isakson, which I felt was unacceptable. I regret and apologize for using foul language in the heat of the moment."