For years, he was among Georgia's best-known CEOs and a leader outside of the boardroom, too.

Bill Dahlberg helped bring the Olympics and a Super Bowl to Atlanta.

Today, Mr. Dahlberg found himself attending the wedding of his niece in Birmingham.

While heading to brunch in the storied Tutt-Wiler Hotel, the elevator stopped and went dark between floors.

With no air conditioning, Bill waited for Birmingham Fire-Rescue to get him out. It took 45 minutes to extricate him from the elevator. And when there was light and passage, it was so small, the fireman told him to act like a snake and slither through the small area.

When asked what his name was, he shouted, 'Billy!'

The moral of the story -- never let them see you sweat.

Bill Dahlberg, ever cool and composed -- made a joke and ate a large breakfast.

Next time at the Tutt-Wiler, he will take the stairs.