Atlanta Police say they followed the evidence left behind at a fatal Edgewood Avenue shooting. It lead to one arrest, the hunt for another, and a conclusion: it wasn't over a Trump comment.

Major Adam Lee held a press conference Thursday morning to share new developments on the week-old case. Lee said police were called to Edgewood Ave. in the early morning hours last Saturday.

A woman in her 20s and her companion, 32-year-old Mitchell Norman, were both shot outside the Church Bar on Edgewood Avenue. Both were rushed to Grady Hospital, where Norman died.

The shooting happened during an altercation between the couple and two other males. Video captured images of those two men, and Atlanta Police named them persons of interest.

"We started to get calls concerning the individuals in the video," Major Lee said. A Hispanic man in his 20s turned himself into police with his attorney. He has not admitted to being the person captured on video and has not admitted involvement in the shooting. But Lee said, "We strongly believe so, based on witness information".

There were reports the fight broke out over a comment about Trump.

"That was not the nature of the dispute," Lee said. "It was not the point of the argument that started this initially."

"We have no indication that he was culpable in any way in his demise, he was a victim of murder," Lee said.

Investigators are not identifying the man who turned himself into police because they believe he's involved in other crimes. They'll be showing his photo in lineups to witnesses. "That would taint the investigation, if in fact, we showed that photograph in the news. It would hamper our ability to show this photo in a lineup."

Police are looking for another person of interest. Anyone who recognizes the man below is asked to call 911: