ATLANTA -- Atlanta Police confirm that a second arrest has been made in the mid-November shooting on Edgewood Avenue that injured a woman and killed her companion.

On Wednesday night, APD said the suspect, Nigel Whitehead, turned himself over to authorities at the Fulton County Jail Nov. 28 on Murder and Aggravated Assault charges. Another suspect had already turned himself in on Nov. 16.

The two suspects were wanted in the Nov. 12 shooting outside an Edgewood business that left 32-year-old Mitchell Norman dead. Police said the incident began as an argument between the suspects and the couple when the suspects opened fire. Both Norman and the woman he was with were transported to Grady Hospital, but Norman later died.

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According to police, investigators were able to confirm the two suspects were the ones they were looking for after two victims of robberies just weeks before came forward saying they recognized the pair from surveillance video. Police said the victims were later able to successfully identify them in a police line up.

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