It was a busy Thursday for the Atlanta Watershed Management. Along with implementing a boil water advisory, crews worked four water main breaks. At least four separate water mains broke Thursday morning. One after another the city's watershed management agency alerted the public to the breaks and said crews were working on repairs.

The first break was a 16-inch water main at 16-inch water main at 346 Redland Rd NW at the intersection of Collier Rd. Skytracker11 was over the scene and saw that the roads were closed and thick mud coated them.

The second was a 2-inch water main break at 347 Camfield Ct SW and Larchwood St. where Skytracker 11 captured a bird's eye view of water flowing around the cul-de-sac and tricking from a fire hydrant.

The third was a 2-inch water main break 1607 Marietta RD NW (Hill St SW).

The fourth was a 35 Lava Lane. Water service may temporarily be affected for 15 homes and one hydrant.

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