PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- A Peachtree City neighborhood is still stunned after a beef between a father and son that ended in an officer-involved shooting.

The shooting happened in the Gelding Garth area of the city when police were responding to the domestic violence call between a father and son. Police said the suspect, 67-year-old William Dean, was armed with a shotgun in the driveway and shot at officers upon their arrival. An officer returned a single shot that killed the suspect. No officers were injured.

Neighbors said this kind of violence has been extremely rare up until now. Still, the sounds of gunfire and sirens are rattling the nerves of people in this quiet neighborhood.

"I've lived here like 35 years and it's always been quiet," resident Kattie Jones said.

People there are now concerned that big city crime has now crept into their neighborhood.

"So much killing going on and we're killing each other and it's sad," neighbor Crystal Wilson said.

Meanwhile, other neighbors are still in disbelief that this kind of ending would happen at all.

"This is a peaceful community and when I got the call from my brother, he was, like, a shooting just happened and I was, like you're lying," neighbor Chase Mercado said. "And I guess he wasn't joking and I'm really shocked, surprised and really disappointed something like this could happen."

The circumstances surrounded the domestic violence call are still unclear. Those questions will be answered as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation continues its investigation.