VILLA RICA, Ga -- New details have been released about a kidnapping and fiery crash that killed two young people in Carroll County.

11Alive News was the first to show you disturbing cell phone video showing the last moments before the suspect and his 16-year-old girlfriend died from the crash. Some are asking if more should have been done sooner to try to save them.

The just-released incident report sheds more light about the harrowing events of Thanksgiving night at the home on Muirwood Drive in Villa Rica, when 20-year-old Elijah Cox kidnapped his girlfriend at gunpoint.

According to the report, the two had just moved in together, but the parents of 16-year-old Raina Reed stepped in to say “she would not be going with Elijah due to his drug use. Elijah was upset about this and stated that he was coming over with a gun.”

According to the report, Elijah “kicked in the bathroom door and held everyone at gunpoint” Elijah then took Raina and left.

Responding deputies spotted the car and turned to follow it and found it wrecked. It then caught fire.

Witnesses took video of the crash and ran to the car.

The responding officer acknowledged in his report, ”As the flames grew, I approached the vehicle and could tell there was a female in the front passenger seat moving and yelling for help.”

It’s only when the witnesses get up to the car to help, that the deputy steps in to help.

“I broke out the passenger side rear and front windows in an attempt to make entry," the officer said in the report. "I was not able to get any doors open and had to back up from the vehicle due to the flames.”

It’s just under two minutes from when those witnesses stopped on the road to when they ran up to the car.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has seen that video. The department stands by that first officer on the scene, saying because he knew the suspect was armed, he wanted to wait for more backup.