Atlanta officers are looking for a suspect in a shooting from September.

Vincent Lamont Hayward was shot at the intersection of Peachtree Walk NE and 11th Street NE. Around 4 a.m., Hayward was leaving the BullDogs nightclub. He was approached by a man referred to as Eli who demanded Hayward to hand over his bag. Hayward tried to leave but Eli attacked him.

After a struggle, Eli pulled out a pistol and shot Hayward. Officers found Hayward on 13th Street after he managed to run towards a parking lot. They later identified "Eli" as Elijah Payton. He is wanted for aggravated battery.

Authorities added that he is also wanted for another shooting a month earlier on Sept. 16 though authorities have not released any details on that shooting.

If you have any information, contact Investigator J. Churchill at (404)-904-2209.