Despite calls for peace, the post-election animosity is reaching new lows and that includes metro Atlanta.

11Alive is looking closely at alleged incidents in Gwinnett, DeKalb and Fulton Counties. It’s been almost a week since the election but this type of behavior is not going away.

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Sunday night on 60 Minutes President-Elect Donald Trump had a strong message for his strongest supporters who have harassed minorities: "I will say right to the cameras, stop it.”

But incidents are still being instigated on both sides by Trump and Clinton supporters.

On Monday, a Facebook video surfaced that appears to show a Fulton County Sheriff’s Office employee fighting with a Trump supporter.

The man who posted the video claimed the man called the guy behind the camera a dumb redneck and threatened to take off his uniform and fight.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office told 11Alive it is investigating whether the guy in the video is actually an employee.

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In DeKalb County, two teachers were removed from Cross Keys High School as the district investigates a serious allegation. A spokesperson said the district is looking into claims that the teachers made pro-Trump comments telling students they’ll be deported. Many Cross Keys’ students come from homes where English is a second language or not spoken at all.

In a statement, DeKalb County Schools said “threatening, abusive behavior will not be tolerated in any way and such behavior will be dealt with without delay.”

In Gwinnett County, the school district is on the hunt for whoever left a threatening note for a Muslim teacher at Dacula High School.

Whoever wrote it told Mairah Teli, a practicing Muslim, her head scarf isn’t allowed anymore. It said for her to take it, tie it around her neck and hang herself.

The principal asked for the school community on the school’s website to “rally around Ms. Teli and show her that this note is not America or Dacula. #OneFamilyOneDacula.”

Gwinnett County Schools said it takes any threat against a teacher seriously and is doing what it can to find the student responsible. Meanwhile, the climate towards Muslim-Americans is vitriolic; on Monday, the FBI said the number of hate crimes directed at Muslims was up 67 percent.