Prosecutors are asking for a delay in the murder trial of Claud ‘Tex’ McIver because they say they have not been able to go through all of the evidence.

Some of that evidence includes 90,000 emails from Diane McIver’s company, Corey Enterprises. Tex McIver is accused of murdering his wife last year.

During a motions hearing on Friday, McIver’s attorneys said they have no objections to the delay but only if McIver is granted bond.

The judge did not rule on the prosecution's request before adjourning for the day.

McIver, himself a prominent Atlanta attorney, claims his wife’s death was accidental. The couple was returning to their residence when McIver shot his wife in their SUV.

McIver said he fell asleep in the vehicle’s backseat with a loaded gun in his lap and then it accidentally went off. His trial is slated to begin this month, according to the Fulton County Superior Court.

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