ATLANTA -- Crowds amassed late Friday as a peaceful protest and march left Centennial Park and met with Georgia State Troopers and Atlanta police near the downtown connector in the evening hours.

The confrontation, which remains peaceful at this point, brought hundreds of protestors to the edge of the connector near an exit on Williams Street in downtown Atlanta.

The protest continued as the sun went down with the crowd coming face-to-face with troopers though the crowds began to dissipate.

The move comes after an announcement by Mayor Kasim Reed that anyone who made their way onto the interstate again Friday would face arrest.

Despite this warning, protestors have been allowed to continue into the evening.

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner spoke first with 11Alive and said that this will continue as long as they remain peaceful.

"We're in a good place I think, there's not been any violence and we really want to thank all of the protesters for doing that," Chief Turner said. "We're really in a mode to make sure we're safe and our city is safe and we have no property damage."

At this point, Turner said that the goal of his fellow officers is patience.

"We're doing everything we can to exercise patience and we've worked with the Georgia State Patrol and they're doing an excellent job as well so I think that the plan we have in place has been extremely beneficial thus far," he said.

He asked the protesters to exercise good judgment as the night progresses so that the peace can continue.

"If there are any issues associated with violence we will have to act," he said. "And that's not our desire - our desire is to have a peaceful outcome throughout this entire demonstration throughout the night."

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