SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- They are friendly, energetic, and healthy. They greet newcomers with wagging tails and the floppy, tumbling joy unique to puppies. It comes days after they were dumped from a pickup truck.

Saturday morning, Sandy Springs Police took a 911 call from a witness. She saw a black Toyota truck going northbound on Roberts Lane near Lexington Drive in Sandy Springs. She told police she saw three puppies abandoned on the side of the road. She stayed on scene, keeping the puppies out of traffic.

"Someone would have hit them because they were in the road," the witness said. "This wasn't a matter of someone would have stopped. Someone would have hit them and then stopped."

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By the time police arrived, another driver had already claimed one of the adorable dogs for themselves. The other two were taken to nearby Belle Isle Animal Hospital.

"We took some ticks off of them," said Dr. Riva Wolkow of Belle Isle Animal Hospital. "They have a few cuts and scrapes, then we vaccinated them and treated them for heartworm."

Wolkow said the dogs are a Pitbull-Mastiff mix. She thinks they're about 14 weeks old. Dr. Wolkow said it's hard to tell what kind of condition they were kept in before they were dumped.

The dogs are being held at the hospital while police investigate. Sandy Springs police are trying to track down the driver of the black Toyota truck seen dumping the puppies. The owner could face animal cruelty charges, but first police say they want to track down the person responsible to determine exactly what happened.

"If you have an animal or a pet that you can't care for, there are adoption agencies that will care for the dog and put it in a loving home," said Sgt. Samuel Worsham of the Sandy Springs Police Department.

The puppies could soon be headed to new homes.

"I just want them to be in happy homes," said the woman who found them. "They were such beautiful creatures and the idea of somebody just tossing them out like they're garbage is painful."