ROSWELL - William Goss went for a run in his neighborhood around 6:00 Monday morning when he was attacked by a rabid coyote. He was bitten several times in his right calf, according to a police report.

Roswell Police arrived to Plantation Way and Lake Charles Drive and found Goss holding the animal down by its neck. An officer used a dog catching pole to nab the coyote.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Fulton County Animal Control advised police to put the coyote down. Using a shotgun, the officer fired a single blast killing the coyote immediately.

Oliver Delk with Fulton Co. Animal Control said test results showed the coyote was rabid.

Goff was taken to North Fulton Hospital for treatment

Last month the Ga. Department of Natural Resources announced a Coyote Hunting Challenge. Every hunter or trapper in Georgia who kills up to 5 coyotes per month will be entered into a drawing for a lifetime hunting/fishing license.

However, there is pushback against killing contest with some people calling it inhumane. A "Stop the Georgia Coyote Killing Contest!" petition that was created two weeks ago on has 4,463 supporters.