ATLANTA -- One top Georgia Democrat sees a bright silver lining in what, for them, was a pretty bleak election Tuesday.

At the same time, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed also described his post-election funk -- the day after the election – in a way that many of his fellow Hillary Clinton supporters will probably appreciate.

"Oh man. I was in the fetal position until about 6 p.m. (Wednesday)," Reed said with a smile Thursday.

"And I think the first (time) I could get to my feet was about 4 p.m.. And after I (attended an event), I went back home and got in the fetal position," Reed laughed.

Reed was one of Georgia’s most vocal backers of Democrat Hillary Clinton. He’d spent Tuesday night with other optimistic Democrats at a party downtown. The day after, he joked, he slept like a baby. "Sleep, get up, cry a little bit, and sleep. Sleep, get up, cry a little bit. So it was tough," Reed said.

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Reed says it gave him rueful appreciation of the evenings Republicans spent in 2008 and 2012 after Barack Obama was elected and then re-elected.

But Reed says even 2016 produced a note of optimism for him and other Democrats – noting that Clinton won more votes than Donald Trump in the historically Republican counties of Gwinnett and Cobb – and that Trump won Georgia with a mere 51 percent of the popular vote.

"Cobb County being a Democratic county, Gwinnett County going Democratic, I think, has huge long term ramifications for the state. And I think the state ends up in a purple position," Reed said.

But he also shot down any speculation he might be part of a Democratic resurgence in 2018. He said flatly he still plans to skip the race for Governor that year, the year his term as Atlanta mayor ends.

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