Enough is enough: that’s the call from a group of longtime Atlanta residents who are demanding action for what they see as a major spike in crime.

The problem for them is the city of Atlanta is telling them they are flat out wrong, so they’re bypassing the police chief and the mayor and going straight to the governor.

The group has a strong list of demands but the City of Atlanta says crime is down significantly.

These folks, who have lived here for 10, 15, even 20 years, say something is different and it has to change.

"We buy more security lights, put more lights up around the house, leave all the lights on at night," said Kristi, a Pine Hills neighborhood resident. "Exactly, a week later, we were alerted again and there's a different young man this time going through our cars."

Someone might tell Kristi crime is down.

"I literally scared the crap out of him, he spun around and he had stuff from somebody else's car and he's dropping things."

Someone might try to tell her, but she won’t believe them.

“We’ve lived here 18 years and never had problems until now,” said Kristi.

Surveillance video from outside her home in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Atlanta caught two people breaking into her cars.

Three times in October, her house and her car were broken into.

"The officer said you know what, this is just the way things are - this is how it is," she said. "I don't want to leave my teenage son at home by himself."

The sudden target on Kristi’s property has her signing a petition put together by an Atlanta group called Concerned Citizens United.

“Truthfully our concerns they’re growing overnight really they feel like each day it becomes worse,” said Jennifer Sumner of the group.

Surveillance video from Oct. 20 at the Mezzo apartment building in Buckhead shows a woman who was carjacked by three men at gunpoint.

It’s the kind of crime Concerned Citizens United wants its city and its mayor to do a better job of preventing. So Friday night, they’re taking their petition and list of demands straight to Governor Nathan Deal.

“We all just need to acknowledge there’s an issue and fix it,” said Sumner.

But Mayor Kasim Reed’s spokesperson said crime is down.

"Crime rates are down more than 20 percent since Mayor Reed took office, and he has made the largest investments in the Atlanta Police Department in recent history,” said Jenna Garland, Reed’s press secretary.

To see the complete petition and list of demands, click on this link.