Former Atlanta Falcons player Roddy White detailed a traffic stop by DeKalb County Police on I-285 Wednesday that he said made him fear for his life.

White tweeted that the DeKalb County officer had unsnapped a strap on his weapon and placed his hand on his gun during what should have been the routine traffic stop.

He said that he had been pulled over for speeding on The Perimeter, and that the officer came to his vehicle with his hand "on his gun like I was going to do something to him," White said in a Tweet.

When White asked if this was standard police procedure, the officer said that it was not police procedure, but his own procedure.

White said that he did not have a problem with being pulled over, as he realized he was speeding, and that his license tag was expired. He said he was not complaining about the tickets -- on the contrary, he says he understood why he received both citations.

He says his problem was with his treatment by the officer.

DeKalb County Police Major Stephen Fore said White was stopped because he was doing 90 mph on Interstate 285. Fore also said that DeKalb County officers do not have snaps on their holsters.

Fore said traffic stops are often the most dangerous encounters for law enforcement.

"They have no idea who is behind the wheel of that vehicle," Fore said. "In some instances, these vehicles have tinted windows, they can't see inside, so they take extreme caution."

Fore said that White has not yet filed a formal complaint.

"We invite him to come in and file a complaint with us so that we can thoroughly investigate it," Fore said.

White was released following last season with two years remaining on his contract. He is now an unrestricted free agent.