A final jury has been selected in the hot car death trial.

Ross Harris, the Cobb County father is accused of leaving his 22-month-old to die in a hot car back in June of 2014.

The magic number of jurors was reached just before 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. The 12 jurors breakdown to six men and six women. Including the alternates, there are eight men and eight women.

Harris is facing numerous charges, including malice murder and felony murder, in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. The boy was found dead inside of Harris’ SUV in June 2014. Harris maintains it was an accident.

Here is a breakdown of the jury:

Juror #1

  • Female in 30s.
  • Unemployed, Ebay sales.
  • Not married, no kids.
  • Has studied sociology, criminology.
  • Military connection.
  • Familiar with Cobb County.

Juror #2

  • Young man.
  • Not married, no kids.
  • Read a little about the case on Facebook a year and a half ago
  • Watches crime documentaries.
  • Has experience the death of a child.

Juror #4

  • Young female.
  • Homemaker.
  • 2 daughters (one is a 2-year-old).
  • Lives in Brunswick, Ga.
  • Used to work in retail before having kids.
  • Has friend who’s experienced death of child.

Juror #5

  • Single woman with 3 kids.
  • Brunswick Hospital nutritionist.
  • Family members in law enforcement: dad was cop, mom worked in a courthouse, cousins police officers up north.
  • Hired an attorney for her boyfriend at the time. He was in jail for criminal charges. Gun and drug charges. 2004-2006. Served 5 in jail.

Juror #7

  • Married woman with five grandkids.
  • Nurse, work with Visiting Angels traveling supervisor, cares for elderly.
  • Has been divorced.
  • Has served on juries before.
  • Military, two brother marines, father navy, brother army.

Juror #16

  • Woman
  • Secretary at a high school.
  • Spouse-long shoreman.
  • Two sons, six grand kids.
  • Has served on a jury.
  • Doesn’t text, no Facebook or Instagram.

Juror #17

  • Married man "in between 40-50s."
  • Works in repairs, maintenance. Wife works in banking.
  • His wife showed him a video where a man broke a window to get a dog out of a hot car but the dog died anyway.
  • Watches "Castle", "Bones", "First 48", "Swamp Murders", "Snapped".
  • Unaware of case.

Juror #19

  • Female who is a registered Nurse for 36 years.
  • Husband-federal law enforcement, “FLEXI” role pay/training, used to be in victim’s assistant.
  • Has a sun and a daughter.
  • Heard about the case.

Juror #27

  • Male in his 50-60s.
  • Draftsman, works for architect
  • Spouse-nurse, pediatrics, hospital ER
  • No children
  • Divorced once
  • Law enforcement-niece’s husband is a cop
  • Military-dad Navy, brother in Army
  • Uses Facebook Messenger. Texts regularly and uses YouTube.

Juror #24

  • Woman.
  • Practical nurse at Gateway for two years - addiction and mental health. 12 hour shifts. Can be mentally exhausting.
  • Not married, no kids
  • Manager, could hire/fire – managed for Circuit City for 4 years, front line training.
  • Texts and uses Facebook Messenger and Facebook, watched a little YouTube

Juror #39

  • Male.
  • Welder for 25 years.
  • Single
  • Has a 23-year-old son.
  • Expressed opinion about case.

Juror #36

  • Woman.
  • Self employed - takes care of second homes, people in them.
  • Husband works in maintenance, painting.
  • Divorced (spent 8 years as military wife).
  • Has three dogs and a a cat.
  • No social media. Just got a computer four years ago, Looks at People, TMZ, shop, play games.

Juror #33

  • Male.
  • Retired carpenter (did it for 20 years, had an unfortunate accident)
  • Wife is a house cleaner, has a 13-year-old daughter.
  • Lives in Brunswick, Ga.
  • Member of NRA, Georgia Volunteer Battalion Company A (War of Northern Aggression).
  • Historian all his life.

Juror #30

  • Woman.
  • Nurse
  • Husband is a heavy equipment operator.
  • Four kids between the ages of 22 and 32.
  • Heard about case on nightly news a couple times when it was being moved here
  • Could be impartial
  • Uses Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, rarely YouTube. No Twitter.

Juror #28

  • Male. Mechanical Technician.
  • Lives in Brunswick, Ga.
  • Married. Wife stays at home.
  • Three kids. 10-year-old daughter, 3-year-old male, and 9-month-old daughters.
  • Heard about the case

Juror #25

  • Unemployed male. Was in school.
  • Not married, no kids. Lives in Brunswick.
  • Military- grandfather in Navy, great grandfather
  • Uses texting, Snapchat. Socializes there-messaging and pics, Instagram, Twitter rarely, YouTube videos/music, No Facebook anymore.
  • Knows about Reddit, Kik (before direct message, it was the app before i message)
    Talks to strangers online- had French pen pal on Facebook.

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