In his third day on the stand, Cobb County Police Detective Phil Stoddard, along with the prosecution, continued to paint Ross Harris as a sexual deviant leading a double life, which got in the way of his duties as a father, and ultimately cost little Cooper Harris his life.

Harris is on trial in Brunswick, facing numerous charges, including malice murder and felony murder, in the June 2014 hot car death of his 22-month-old son Cooper. The trial has entered its third week of testimony.

Tuesday morning, notes, files and images from Harris’ iPhone were presented to the jury.

One note taken from the Evernote app and dated June 15, 2014, just days before Cooper Harris died, was entitled, “Anatomy of Temptation.” That entry included a notation that said “Desire > Sin > Death.”

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Stoddard pointed out that a photo of Harris’ exposed genitalia was kept in the same photo gallery as a photo of his sleeping son on his telephone, which demonstrated the nature of his double life.

Additional conversations, some sexually explicit, between Harris and several different women from the day of Cooper Harris' death were read into evidence.

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Once cross-examination of Stoddard began, defense attorneys pointed out that the relationship between Ross Harris and his son was clearly a loving one, and that there was no question that Ross was a caring and loving father.

However, defense attorneys quickly admitted that Harris had continued the behavior of talking with and exchanging lewd images with other women.

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