Thursday marked the third day of jury deliberations in the Ross Harris hot car death trial.

Court was recessed on Friday due to the recognition of Veteran’s Day, however Vinnie Politan and his team of legal experts analyze video the jury watched on Thursday.

Jurors asked to see widescreen surveillance video of Harris returning to work and tossing lightbulbs into his car. What jurors seemed to focus on this time however was not necessarily Harris appearing to avoid looking into the car as he tossed them in, but what he did as he began walking away from his vehicle.

Harris can be seen walking away from the car and then suddenly stopping as a passerby walks past him and towards his SUV. Once the passerby walks past his vehicle Harris continues to walk back into work.

Vinnie Politan and his team will discuss if this video proves Harris knew Cooper was in the car and therefore should be charged with malice murder or if it just happened to be a coincidence as the defense has argued.

Jury deliberations will continue into next week with a possibility of a verdict being decided upon.

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