ATLANTA -- Police have added extra patrols in the Sylvan Hills area after reports of a peeping Tom.

According to neighbors, he's been spotted by at least three females in the area.

Renee Williams says he keeps returning to her home and doesn't seem deterred by barking dogs, bright lights or visiting police cruisers.

She now keeps her outdoor patio furniture inside, after she says the peeping Tom keeps using it to peer into her winds.

It started in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

"I was lying in bed watching TV when I heard this low talking. I hit mute on the television and realized it was someone right outside my window saying things so nasty I can't repeat them," said Williams.

They next morning she noticed the small patio table outside had been moved to a spot right below her window and one of the legs was bent like someone had been kneeling or standing on it.

"I was asleep and my dog was barking so I went to my bathroom window and I looked outside and there was a man on a ladder at the very top looking through her bedroom window," recalled the neighbor.

She banged on the window, scaring the peeping Tom away then called police and took a picture of the ladder. It is a ladder the peeping tom brought himself.

"To carry a ladder, an extension ladder, down the street is pretty bold," said the neighbor.

"I hollered out asking what he wanted. He said, 'I’m sorry, that was me. That was me at your window," said Williams.

She yelled at him through the door and he took off.

Despite calling police, filing a report and leaving on neighborhood porch lights, it appears the peeping Tom was back Monday morning. Williams noticed that same small patio table moved yet again to directly below her bedroom window.

"I don't know what this guy wants, but I want him caught," said Williams.