Police are investigating the details surrounding the death of an unidentified man found by a firefighter on Monday.

Responding officers arrived at the home located between 3606 Telstar and 3620 Telstar Drive about a welfare check. The grey home had visible damage from a roof collapse. A neighbor told police about the previous owners of the home how died a few years ago. The home now owned by the children of the deceased parents appeared to be unoccupied.

The neighbor told police that DeKalb Code Enforcement visited the vacant home about three or four weeks ago, but also advised that a homeless man was seen going in and out the home taking items.

After talking to more neighbors, police called additional responders after hearing that a skeleton of a white male was located at the bottom level of the home.

While crews worked to carefully get inside the home, a firefighter saw the skeleton in the rear bedroom lying partially on the bed.

The remains were given to Levitt’s Funeral home and the identity of the subject has not been identified by police.

Police do not suspect any foul play related this incident so far. If you have any information, you are asked to call DeKalb County Police.