AUGUSTA, GA (NBC News) -- With just two weeks to go until The Masters, some Augusta area homeowners are frustrated they haven't been able to find renters.

WAGT's Tiziana Onstead talked to a rental company on Monday, and they said this is bizarre.

"We have 5,000 square feet, plenty of room," said renter Amy Gay. "I mean, this could be a host home or sleeper at home."

This will be the tenth year Amy Gay has rented her home out for the Masters.

"People would contact us asking if we were willing to rent," she said.

She says she starts listing her house in October. It's usually off the market by February, but now, it's March.

"When we heard nothing, we were just wondering what was going on," she said.

Airbnb and social media are usually the route Gay and her husband take to rent our their home. But with the tournament right around the corner, they started looking for more options.

"I think in February, we started adding, and it was just as many people as we could contact -- I think it may be more than seven," she said. "I know I listed with another person last night."

Their home is not the only one.

A listing agent with Par Three Rentals said they're not quite sure why so many homes are still up for grabs this close to The Masters.

One guess -- it could be because there are so many new homes being built in the area.

"Everybody is in the same situation," said homeowner Randy Gay. "They thought it would be no problem, and just no luck. It just hasn't happened."

The family says Gary Player used to rent out their neighbor's house for years. Now, it's another available home on the waiting list.

"It's just weird to go from legend staying next door to no phone calls," he said. "It's just an odd situation, really."

Gay says they're crossing their fingers someone will take their home off the list before the pros hit the links.