A barefoot, disheveled special-needs child with several cuts and bruises who wandered into a local Texaco early Thursday morning has been identified, and his caregiver has been located.

Police said the child, who appears to be less than 10 years old, walked into the gas station on Old Dixie Highway just before 3 am and began eating candy. When police arrived and tried to talk with him, the only words he was able to say were “juice,” “chicken” and “gorilla.”

The child was not able to tell officers his name, the names of his parents or guardians or where he resides.

However, police said they were able to identify the child and locate his caregiver, but the boy will remain in custody of the Department of Family and Children Services while an investigation is being conducted into the matter.

No charges have yet been filed.

The names of the child and parent have not been released.