ATLANTA -- Georgia officials are launching at least 10 formal investigations into election irregularities and they expect hundreds of others will follow.

They can't talk specifics but say whether it's a small hiccup or major fraud investigation, they take all reports of issues seriously.

A staff of more than 30 will investigate everything from illegal photography to absentee voting issues.

Gwinnett County resident Roberto Romero's said he’s submitted absentee ballots for the last 27 years. Not this year. He said his absentee ballot application was rejected.

“I received a form letter denying me the absentee ballot request because I was told the signature did not match,” Romero said. “The letter is not signed so I have no idea what faceless government bureaucrat decided that.”

The Florida native recently moved to Georgia. He's a registered voter here but said that county officials told his signature looks different on his registration form and ballot application. He plans to stand in line to vote in person, but he's not happy about it.

“I take umbrage at somebody telling me that it's not me,” he said.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp says absentee balloting rules are strict because of the potential for fraud, and several absentee voting cases are already under investigation in his office.

There are also complaint investigations regarding registration issues, damaged ballots -- and a formal investigation into a Fulton County resident who was told at her polling place she had already voted when she actually hadn't. Ten total formal investigations so far.

“When you're dealing with 6 million voters and 159 counties and a lot going on there are going to be issues,” Kemp said. “It's the way we handle them that's going to give folks confidence.”

This year in particular, voter confidence is an issue.

“The election is absolutely not going to be rigged in Georgia,” Kemp said.

He urged voters to report any irregularities they see at the polls, but he also had a reminder: no photos allowed, not even selfies.

To put those investigations into context, at this same time during the 2012 election, only five formal investigations had been launched. But it's important to note that voter turnout is higher this year.