CARROLLTON, GA -- Fire Station 22 in Carrollton is going to have to relocate after losing part of its roof Monday.  Eyewitnesses to a storm here are convinced a tornado blew through here at midday.

"I heard this insane wind coming from my window and my first thought was, I have to get this on my Snapchat," said Kellyn Quillian. The University of West Georgia shot two seconds of video at just the right moment to capture the destruction of Fire Station 22.

"It was incredible," Quillian said.  "Unfortunately I did have to run downstairs and protect myself from the tornado" and stopped shooting video after the roof blew off.

There were stories like that all over Carollton – and images that bore them out.

"It sounded like an earthquake. Just like the world was ending," said Jeff Hall, a Carrollton resident who watched from inside his apartment.  It was "an actual tornado. I mean, seriously, for some reason it jumped our building, then it jumped back, and then it jumped forward again, in literally like a second and a half. It was amazing how fast it happened."

Katie Pair was in her kitchen with her dog when an oak tree fell and crushed the front of her house.  "I was just washing dishes and I felt the house shake," she said.  Now she’s looking for a place to move.

But few got it worse than the fire station.  After spending hours answering emergency calls elsewhere, firefighters returned to assess the damage and make plans to relocate.

"We believe it was just a quick spinup tornado," said Jimmy Bearden, Carollton's fire chief.  "We had damage all over town. A lot of trees down, a lot of power lines. We had several houses with trees on them. But we believe we sustained the most substantial damage here at the fire station."

The three firefighters inside station 22 were uninjured.  Bearden says the station will find temporary quarters in one of Carrollton's remaining three fire stations. 

PHOTOS: Carrollton storm damage