FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. -- A student was killed while allegedly playing a dangerous car jumping game Friday night.

Floyd Co. police believe that 16-year-old Kobe Thomas was playing a game with the goal to jump over a moving car. Police received a call that evening about the incident shortly after 10 p.m. They confirmed that Thomas was hit by the car and passed away due to his injuries.

There were four other juveniles involved in the incident and officials are now trying to determine whether anyone involved will face charges.

The game has been popularized by social media.

There will be a funeral service held for Thomas this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The service will be arranged by F.K. Jones Funeral Home in Rome, Ga.

Grief counselors were made available to students at Model High School after Thomas' death. Thomas transferred to Model High School from Pepperell High School where he used to play basketball.

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