The local WeNeed2Read program is launching a summer reading challenge for Atlanta-area students to improve their reading levels over the summer.

Greg Street, the founder of the program, says the purpose of the WeNeed2Read challenge is to make reading fun and rewarding for students while they earn money.

“Reading about things that interest you is like practicing a sport," he said. "You can’t just show up for the game, you must practice.”

Local organizations and community members will sponsor students participating in the summer reading challenge. The sponsors will pay the students $10 an hour for 5 weeks (10 hours every week). During the five-week period, the students will read books that interest them, log their hours, and write summaries about the books.

To qualify for an additional $1,000, the student will be required to post pictures daily on social media to document the hours worked and books read using #WENEED2READ.

The summer reading challenge starts June 19 and ends July 21. This community initiative has been assisting students through reading activities and summer programs for years. To register for the We Need 2 Read summer reading challenge, visit