A woman has been arrested for threatening a cab driver with a gun and possessing drug related objects.

Bobbie Jo Lee, 30, was arrested for possessing a firearm by a convicted felon and possessing drug related objects on March 29.

Jo Ellyn Smith-Davis was the driver of the taxi, according to police. Davis stated in an incident report that she was called to pick up Lee at around 9 p.m. that evening at the Econolodge.

Once Davis arrived, Lee jumped into the passenger seat and instructed Jo to take her to Jameson Inn. Once they arrived, Lee told Davis to wait for her and exited the vehicle.

Davis said she waited for about 8-10 minutes before Lee returned and asked to be taken to a Shell gas station. Lee walked inside the store and made a purchase and asked Davis to take her back to the inn.

When they returned, Lee entered the same room and instructed Davis to wait for her once again. Davis said she waited about 10 minutes before Lee returned with a $50 bill and stated that she just performed a sex act and needed to go buy some drugs.

According to Davis, Lee said "that guy's dope is no good, take me to find some good drugs."

Davis informed Lee that she did not know of any place where she could purchase any drugs, but Lee continued to insist that Davis tell her where she could get some drugs.

Lee stated that "she (Davis) had to know" and then leaned towards Davis and revealed a black handgun tucked into her bra.

Davis then started driving to a location off of Salem Road in Rockdale Co. While she was driving, Lee said that she "always packs and knows how to take care of herself."

They then arrived to a "drug house" where Lee exited the vehicle once more and Davis waited. Davis saw that Lee met a man and made an exchange for what looked like a white, crumbly substance for the $50.

Lee returned to the car and instructed Davis to take her to a QuickTrip gas station where she made another purchase then returned to the Econolodge.

Davis then contacted police to file a report when Lee texted her to pick her up again at around 1 a.m.

Police then staged in the area of the Econolodge where Lee was staying in order to find her. Shortly at around 1:10 a.m., officer found Lee in the parking lot of 1400 Dogwood Drive.

Officers found a black handgun, a marijuana roach, a brillo pad, a white cone shaped paper cup containing white crystal powder, the bottom portion of a Pepsi can, a black digital scale, and a glass pipe in Lee's possession.

Investigators said there were claims of Lee using that taxi service to facilitate sex-for-hire services as well.