LILBURN, Ga. -- A Lawrenceville teenager was able to call 911 after being struck by a train in Lilburn on Thursday.

Jacob Ohl, 17, was near Shelly Lane with his feet on the rail when he was struck by a northbound CSX train around 1 p.m., according to Lilburn Police.

“We think he was walking down the middle of the train tracks with his head phones jamming and did not realize the train was coming. Perhaps he jumped out of the way just in time to save his own life,” Ohl’s father, Jason Kenney, wrote in a GoFundMe page.

Ohl was able to call 911.

"I just got hit by a train," he told the dispatcher.

Hear portions of the 911 call below (parts of the call have been edited):

According to Capt. Thomas Bardugon, the train's engineer stated that the teen was lying on the bed of the tracks with his body off of the tracks and his feet on one of the rails. However, the family disputes that account.

"We are not sure why the conductor has reported and told the police that Jacob was lying with his feet draped over the tracks," the page states. "Jacob told the 911 operator and told us immediately that he was walking down the center of the tracks with his earbuds on. He made sure to point out that the noise cancelling function was not on. Like any of us would, he feels embarrassed that this happened. He says he heard/sensed the train behind him. He does not remember exactly if he jumped, fell or was knocked out of the way just in time. He is sure that the train never sounded its whistle."

Responding Lilburn Police officers arrived to the scene and applied tourniquets to both his legs. "Paramedics on scene said that the tourniquets very likely saved his life and kept him from bleeding out," Bardugon said.

Ohl was transported to the Gwinnett Medical Center by Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services.

Doctors performed surgery on Thursday to clean his wounds and will finish the amputation. They have kept him sedated since arriving at the hospital since his arrival around 1:30 p.m. yesterday.

Jason said Jacob had no intention of harming himself.

"Nothing short of a miracle, the rest of his body and his mind seem to be completely unharmed,” Kenney said.

As of Monday, the teen had been moved out of the intensive care unit, according to the GoFundMe page.