ATLANTA -- Freddie Falcon usually makes us cheer. This time, he made us cry. Here's how it happened:

Forty-nine-year-old Kristi Atkins finished her 4th and final round of chemo at Piedmont Healthcare in Newnan. Cancer survivors participate in an emotional tradition on their final day of chemo by ringing a bell. The day is celebrated by patient's support team.

For Kristi, it included her husband and mother, who have been by her side for every single treatment. It included her oncologist, Dr. Vasily Assiskis and her nurse navigator Sephanie Martin. It also included Freddie Falcon.

Kristi and her husband are huge Falcons plans and had tickets to attend the final game at the Georgia Dome in January. Kristi had just completed her second round of chemo and planned to use it as a celebration. Instead, she got a fever and was hospitalized. She missed the game.

Piedmont reached out to the Falcons, and "they were happy to support her," a spokesperson said.

Freddy sent along a personal message, telling her (through signs, since he doesn't speak) "Good luck", "Hang in there", and "Stay Strong!".


In case you're wondering about that silly-looking hat Kristi is wearing, it's a cold cap. She's wearing it to prevent hair loss through cancer treatment. She also created #KristiStrong bracelets. More than 300 people are wearing them and sharing their inspiring photos on social media.