Social media is in a stir over what looks to be the hottest summer trend for men. The RompHim is the male version a very popular one piece for women known as the romper.

You may be asking yourself who would design such an unusual piece of clothing for men. A group of Kellogg School of Management students from Northwestern University of course. One day the business school students began thinking about different clothing options for men. They formed ACED Design in early 2017. Since the students knew more about starting a business than designing clothing they enlisted the help of one of Chicago's top fashion design consultancies to create RompHim.

The RompHim is a one piece for males that consist of pockets and a zipper for convenience. It ranges in size from XS to Large. There are currently four colors available for purchase.

The group has since began raising funds via KickStarter. With an original goal of $10,000, ACED Design has raised over eight times that in less than a month.

Only time will tell how long this trend will stick around. In the meantime, just enjoy the many pictures of men exploring their new-found clothing option.

Social media is having fun with this trend.