Thieves paid a visit to a landscaping company in Cherokee County stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Deputies were called to Outdoor Effects on Bells Ferry Road around 6 am on Wednesday.

Surveillance video shows the suspects walking around outside the trucks and trailers and leaving the parking lot area.

A store employee said approximately $200,000 worth of landscaping equipment was stolen. The crime happened around 2:30 a.m. Four work trucks were hot wired and driven off the property. A trailer was also taken.

Police eventually tracked down the vehicles using GPS devices. They also recovered some of the property in Atlanta on Thursday, but there is still a lot missing, police said.

Detectives are working to find any suspects related to this crime and are will contact look into a previous landscaping equipment theft to see if the crimes are related.

One Monday morning, the Coweta County Recreation Department on Hospital Road had $50,000 worth of equipment stolen.

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