GAINESVILLE, Ga. – A Gainesville girl has reached an impressive reading milestone at a very young age.

Daliyah Arana’s parents said she became a bookworm at the age of 2. Now 4, her passion keeps growing as she finishes book after book.

"Because I love reading and that makes me smart and I love that,” she said.

Daliyah's mother say her daughter joined the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program only to pass the 1,000 book milestone before preschool even began.

"It is just because she developed that love of learning and that love of books at such an early age,” said Haleema Arana.

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Now Daliyah wants to reach to reach 1,500 books before kindergarten.

Her 12-year-old brother and 10-year-old sister also love to read, and earned nearly perfect scores on their latest Georgia Milestones exams. Their mom gives the credit to reading from an early age.

"Dedication. It is just 10 to 15 minutes a day,” she said. “They still like to do other things like YouTube and play video games, but we just make it a point to limit that time and do something educational."

Now Daliyah is ready for her first job.

"I want to become a librarian for one day and I want to check books out for one day,” she said.

Daliyah wants to help other 4-year-olds sign up for their first library card, so they can love to turn pages as much as she does. Her goal is inspire 1,000 kids to get their cards -- one for each book she's read.

But right now, she is in need of another book to read.