DULUTH, Ga – Police are looking for a man accused of passing a note to rob a bank in Duluth.

The incident happened Thursday morning when a man wearing a gray shirt, black beanie, and a neck tie went inside the Bank of America 2724 Meadow Church Rd.

According to police, the suspect walked up to the counter and passed a note to a teller that said he wanted the money from the drawers in various denominations. The note instructed the teller not to put a dye pack in the money, and said that he was armed.

The suspect then then moved his hand to his hip as if he was armed with a concealed weapon under his shirt.
As the teller reached for the panic alarm, the suspect quickly grabbed the note and walked out of the bank with no money.

An eyewitness saw a yellow passenger car parked outside the bank during the time frame of the incident. This was possibly the getaway vehicle, according to police.

If anyone has any information to share in this case, please contact GCPD detectives at 770-513-5300.