It's Tuesday and I bet it's become pretty customary to expect some sort of traffic incident for the morning commute and Atlanta does not like to disappoint.

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So here are some of the traffic incidents taking place this morning:

- Mutli-vehicle crash on I-75 NB just before Jonesboro Rd. involving one tractor trailer, one pick-up truck and one passenger vehicle with one reported injury. 80 feet of guardrail has been damaged

- The I-20 westbound road buckling near Flat Shoals and Gresham with three lanes open

PHOTOS | I-20 road buckling

- Overturned tractor trailer on I-285 SB on the ramp to I-20 WB and it was carrying 73,000 pounds of carpet

- Overturned vehicle on I-85 NB on the ramp to I-985 NB

We will continue to update this list as the morning progresses, but until then be kind and patient and drive safely.