We are here for each other. Sounds cheesy? Deal with it, because it's true.

Perhaps, it's true about all cities, but it's certainly true about Atlanta. Even in our worst moments, we shined when we leaned on each other. After the bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, volunteers courageously returned to carry on the Olympic spirit. During Snowjam, when our leaders were buried in snow and red tape, people in trucks and ATVs rescued strangers. In our run for the Super Bowl, we chanted RISE UP and didn't riot or fight or burn the city down when we lost. That's just not our way.

Atlanta is the city too busy to hate, but we keep proving again and again, we're not too busy to help each other.

All of that matters right now.

We will spend months without one of our city's main interstates. 11Alive is committed to getting you the information you need to get about the I-85 collapse safely. We're sharing an ever-changing list of closed roads. We have the city's most experienced television traffic reporter. We have a network of hundreds of traffic cameras and live interactive maps. That technology is great and useful and vital.

You know what makes it better? YOU.

"I really don't know how to describe it except this is tragic. This is going to be tough. It's going to be really hard to get to work. To get anywhere," one Friday morning commuter told 11Alive.

Every minute of the commute is different. A smooth ride one moment turns into a backup the next. One person's secret alternate route is another person's saving grace.

Here's how you can help: As you travel the detours for I-85, give your fellow commuters feedback using #TrafficTrackers. When you can safely take photos and videos, tell us what you're seeing. If you're on MARTA, are the trains coming on time? Are detours clearly marked? How are your co-workers adjusting to ease traffic? We will use this information to give our data context and expand our coverage. We'll share trends and concerns with those in power to hold them accountable.

We've been here before, and we've made it through. #Teamwork.

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