ATLANTA -- A top African American adviser to president elect Donald Trump says he is not troubled by Trump’s White House appointments. This, in spite of reported ties to white nationalism on the part of his chief strategist Steve Bannon, and his appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General.

Trump’s racially charged campaign for president bothered a lot of his critics and even some of his supporters. And his appointment of Bannon and Sessions -- have added to the angst. But Bruce LeVell sees something else.

"I just think (the criticism) is totally crazy. I do," LeVell said Monday, when asked about Bannon's ties to white nationalism. "I’m troubled with those people in general but no I don’t see that" In Bannon.

Bruce LeVell of Dunwoody was director of Donald Trump’s minority outreach effort nationwide. LeVell has spent quality time with the president elect before and since election day. And he says, he has gotten to know Steve Bannon – Trump’s chief strategist, whose alt-right ties are well-documented – and whose appointment has drawn howls from Trump’s critics.

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Asked if he was troubled that white nationals have drawn encouragement from Trump's election, LeVell said "You know it always bothers me when any hate group tries to attach themselves to someone as popular as Donald Trump."

LeVell says white supremacists similarly tried to link themselves to the fortunes of presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan when they took office. Levell says he is convinced that despite the presence of Bannon in Trump's inner circle -- he is convinced Trump will keep white extremism away from the Oval Office.

"I have total peace in my heart, in my spirit that... he is not whatsoever associated (with) or entertains any of those groups," LeVell said.

LeVell said he has also become acquainted with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), Trump's pick for Attorney General. LeVell says he's a fan of Sessions despite his mixed record on civil rights issues.

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