ATLANTA -- Donald Trump Jr. spent much of Friday in Georgia -- looking for votes among evangelicals and among African Americans.

Trump was after traditional Republican voters – and voters who traditionally vote with Democrats.

He got mostly respectful treatment at a restaurant hosting an African Americans for Trump prayer breakfast in Atlanta. The restaurant owner estimated eighty percent were Trump backers. He was not.

"He’s the looniest man I’ve ever seen," said James Welcome of the BQE restaurant on Edgewood Ave. But he welcomed the opposition, saying "when you're a Trump supporter, you see things that other people don’t see."

Yet some who weren’t sold on Hillary Clinton were looking for a reason to swing their votes. "I wanted to keep an open mind. And that’s why I came," said J'Lyn Furby, who says she frequently votes Republican but is undecided on the presidential race.

PHOTOS: Donald Trump Jr. in Atlanta

Two hours later, the son of Trump was on even friendlier turf at a "God and Country" rally in a nearly packed church sanctuary in Lamar County.

Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition was the warm up act. Trump Jr. uttered next to nothing about God or religion.

Yet Donald Trump’s evangelical backers view this election as something approaching a no-brainer – in a state where Trump is still the strong favorite to win.

"We need to bring America back," said Don Coleman after the rally. "We need to bring prayer back to our schools."

Trump Jr. told 11Alive News he feels secure about Georgia. "We do We’re excited. We've got to get everyone out to vote. But there’s an undercurrent that’s not being picked up. I see it every day," he said.