DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Some DeKalb County homeowners are ready for crews to rip their streets apart after previous attempts to stop sinking asphalt didn't last.

Charlene Rivard contacted 11Alive's Commuter Dude about the spots in the Classic Village subdivision that have become persistent issues for drivers.

"It's causing flat tires," said Rivard. "It's causing broken axles."

It's easy to spot the places on Pierce Arrow Parkway where the street is cracked and falling. You can see evidence of an old repair job that didn't last.

Neighbors believe the issues come from old sewer lines that are no longer used.

Charlene Rivard is ready to see the county tear the road right down to the root of the problem if that's what it takes. She says it's been a year since repair crews have done anything.

We reached out to Dekalb County. A spokesman says crews will return to dig down to stabilize the sub-base of the road, then fill it with new material and asphalt.

Charlene Rivard and others hope it's enough.

DeKalb says the repairs will be made over the next couple of weeks.